Public Speaking on Conflict Resolution

Public Speaking

The better that you and your employees are at dealing with conflict, the greater the opportunity your organization has to truly thrive.

But how do you go about getting your team to learn what’s necessary in order to benefit your company and improve the performance of your employees?

Engaging, Thought-Provoking Presentations with Janice

As a thought leader on positive, productive and progressive conflict resolution, Janice Quigg draws from her extensive training and real-world experience to deliver an inspiring, practical message that is suited for groups of all industries and sizes. Whatever the format, Janice will customize her public speaking message to your unique audience and specific conflict-resolution objectives to truly make a difference within your organization.

Janice is available for various types of corporate speaking opportunities, including:

  • Keynote addresses for your organization or industry association
  • Customized speeches
  • Lunch-and-learn seminars
  • Corporate retreats
  • Experiential learning sessions
  • …or any other type of public speaking engagement you wish to request.

Why Trust Janice with Your Organization?

As a lawyer, coach, speaker, author and Jack Canfield Certified Trainer; Janice’s specialty lies in teaching groups – small and large – how to uncover the sources of their conflicts when they should arise. Janice shows organizations how to deal with these issues confidently and positively – an extremely valuable tool that every business needs to truly thrive. In her message, she provides companies with the tools to not just resolve conflict, but embrace it as a positive force in the workplace – as an opportunity to do and be better.

As a result of Janice’s public speaking engagements, company owners will find that they have more cohesive, productive and better yet – motivated teams. Janice has helped countless organizations become truly proficient at problem-solving and conflict resolution… and she can help yours, too.

Contact Janice today to learn more about what her Public Speaking engagements can do for your company.