Executive Coaching and Corporate Coaching

Executive Coaching and Corporate Coaching

Knowing how to effectively manage conflict is a crucial skill for every leader and employee, regardless of the organization’s size or industry. This is why the top executive and corporate leaders rely on coaching services from experts like Janice Quigg.

The Power of Coaching

Corporate Coaching is a relatively newer professional training strategy that has rapidly gained momentum in the business world, and rightfully so.

Executive and Corporate Coaching services with Janice offer a new perspective for company leaders and employees – helping them to unlock the potential they would not have previously appreciated in their self or their company. In essence, her custom coaching sessions are designed to help organizations thrive at both the individual and interpersonal levels.

Janice recognizes that every corporate leader and team member possess unique strengths and abilities that can greatly benefit the company when put to use. This is why she focuses on understanding leaders and employees on an individual level in order to uncover the specific ways they can help their organization grow and achieve success.

Janice also helps leaders and employees see conflict in a new light while providing realistic, constructive strategies to create a new culture of conflict resolution within companies.

Janice offers a variety of coaching packages, including:

One-on-one sessions

Custom-tailored organizational plans

Mastermind Groups

Corporate retreats

If needed, Janice can help you to determine which coaching package would be most beneficial for your specific organization or team.

Is Your Organization Performing to the Best Of Its Abilities?

It isn’t too late to learn how to get the most out of yourself and your employees. Executive and Corporate Coaching sessions with Janice Quigg will transform your perspective on conflict so that you’ll be well-equipped to truly transform your organization.

Contact Janice today to learn more about what her Executive and Corporate Coaching services can do for your company.