The greatest thing that stood out to me about Janice’s training was that it was unique. I honestly found it to be more informative in comparison to others, and it was absolutely refreshing to see a different approach to this type of material. I have, in the past, attended a couple of other training sessions – but none could compare to this style as it was engaging on a totally new level!

As employees and human beings, we tend to be creatures of habit – so we can miss the fact that a small change to our style of management can yield a huge impact on how we lead both in business and personal life. Fortunately, Janice taught me just how to make those small yet pivotal changes with each unique challenge or conflict that may arise.

Thank you, Janice!

Zen Biniek | Corporate Account Manager

There were so many valuable take-aways from Janice’s training session that I feel will better impact both my professional and personal lifestyle. I found it very inspiring to meet and talk with a professional woman who is so passionate about her craft. It re-ignited the fire inside me to want to continue to seek professional and personal growth. For that I am truly grateful.

Outside of being inspired and re-motivated, another thing I really enjoyed about the course was how much we were able to learn about ourselves… not just on a personal level, but as professionals. I think at some point we all come to the realization that our management style is the way it is and there is no changing it, but that is not true at all. Once you understand the concept of communication and the different styles of managing conflicts, you can now approach a situation with intent and what it is you want to achieve or take away from that encounter or interaction. Janice really opened my eyes and allowed me to see conflict in a new light.

Sandeep Ramsaroop | Fuel Manager – Toronto

It was truly a pleasure to meet with Janice Quigg. I really enjoyed the two days of training, and can honestly say I that learned more in those two days with Janice than in my entire time at my company!

What I especially enjoyed was that it was not a conventional training; rather, it was more of an interactive one. For the first time in the past 10-years, I didn’t feel sleepy or bored during training :). Now that says a LOT!

Yossri Kiwan, BSME, MBA | Power Generation Specialist