Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

How often do you find yourself dealing with conflict in the workplace?

If you’re like most other organizations, the answer will be “often” – but this is okay. What’s important is how you choose to go about resolving those issues.

Any issue that presents itself within your organization can truly benefit from the positive workings of workplace mediation. It is a far less expensive and destructive route than formal disciplinary processes that can lead, in the worst case, to legal action.

As your third-party mediator, Janice guides conflicted parties from an entrenched, combative position to one of collaborative problem-solving. Mediation is a productive, positive and creative alternative to inflexible, formal processes that often escalate, rather than resolve, conflict, leading to a one-way path towards breakdown and even lawsuits.

Workplace Mediation with Janice is necessary in situations such as:

a) When a dispute between employees needs to be resolved.

At times, employees find they are unable to work together productively and harmoniously due to interpersonal differences. Janice uses her Harvard training in mediation, along with extensive hands-on experience to assist disputing parties in finding a solution on which everyone involved can agree.

b) When a termination is in order, but there are some complications.

In cases where the termination of an employee is necessary however, there are legal risks involved, mediation can be very useful. Janice can help you to mitigate those legal risks and achieve a healthy understanding and positive conclusion between the employee and employer.

c) When an employee’s performance begins to decline or suffer.

Even the best employees can hit a rough patch or stop performing to the best of their abilities. Janice can provide workplace mediation in this situation to help both the employer and employee understand what’s required from each other to move forward.

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